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About Us

Seguridad Security is a thriving company that values and provides quality security, protection and safety services to clients, events, and businesses around the State of Oregon. This Security agency understands that speaking more than one language opens up a vibrant communication platform among different cultures. Our standards of communications, enables our clients to feel greatly important by keeping them, their families, and livelihood secured, protected, and safe. Our Management has over a number of years of combined experience in security, military, police, and protection service related work. This combined experience and valuable training that Seguridad Security provides gives our employees the ability to perform quality security and protection services, duties, translating and bilingual communication (English/Spanish), and courteous customer services at the highest level.

Seguridad Security’s surveillance and protection services consist of 95% of communication and 5% in physical interactions. This method allows our agency to practice prevention and reducing the risk of any altercation and/or incidents. That being said, our agency is able to maintain an impeccable record of low altercations and/or incidents as well as lower liability status to our officers, staff, and down to our operations levels, which shows accountability and transparency of the company's quality services.

Our professional bright red and black uniforms, makes our officer and staff highly visible, which makes it easy to locate in case of emergency.

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